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TrueGreen’s packaging philosophy expands and complements the traditional packaging concerns of economy, utility, durability, and ease-of-use. We use this foundation to develop and assemble the supplies for your runs.We are always exploring ways to transform our existing products and engineer new ones to deliver superior solutions that meet your tailored needs.Looking beyond the traditional properties of packaging material, our “next generation” products are recyclable, biodegradable, and use fewer natural resources to create. These innovations enable us to provide quality supplies in the fast-paced flexible packaging world.







Fitments and Closures



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TrueGreen’s packaging equipment makes top quality pouches. Producers like our pouches because they make the brand visible, are affordable, and are stable on the shelf.High-quality Pouches
All of our finished laminated bags including stand up pouches, side gusseted bags and flat pouches are FDA approved food safe.

Preserve and Protect
We offer the highest quality food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging that protects your product. Our pouches, customized for your specific applications, meet the toughest packaging requirements including:
• high oxygen barrier
• high moisture barrier
• ultra violet light inhibitors
• flavors and aroma protection.

We expand our offering of fitments and closures as consumers demand more user-friendly flexible packaging. True Green collaborates with agile pouch makers to develop diverse fitment features that enhance each pouch design.Consumer-friendly Packaging
True Green manages all design and prototyping, our specialty. True Green’s high-quality custom injection-molds are suitable for single-use closures as well as resealable varieties.

E-z Open Features
We can also engineer linear tear and a variety of peel sealants for e-z open features.Our custom pouch fitments and closures are designed to lower your manufacturing and shipping costs and are gentle on the environment.

True Green’s flexible packaging materials protect and enhance your products. Our relationship with quality film suppliers spans decades.Film Options
True Green can supply you with a variety of film options such as coated and laminated flexible packaging rollstock and premade pouches for use with your vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal equipment.

TrueGreen Film Assistance
We provide technical assistance to help ensure that your packaging runs efficiently, on budget, and in your time frame.Films available for many applications including:
• vacuum packaging
• pasteurization retort
• microwave
• modified atmosphere packaging
• gas flush

Contact TrueGreen at 831.883.4400 to discuss your needs for environmentally-friendly packaging.

Benefits of TrueGreen Sustainable Packaging

We lead the efforts of our clients and the consumer marketplace to reduce the overall impact of food packaging on human health and the natural environment by:

•  Resourcefully using energy, water, and other materialstg-recycle-boy

•  Improving efficiency and productivity
Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation

•  Eliminate need to repackage by using Resealable bags and pouches

•   Custom machines and materials are very efficient having less impact on the environment by increasing production rates and reducing labor costs.

TrueGreen is your source for supplies for your specialty runs small and large. If you already have a primary supplier for your every-day manufacturing goals, contact True Green for your specialty runs.

For more information on our products and capabilities, please call 831-883-4400 or email amy@true-green-packaging.com to discuss in detail your specific packaging needs.

Flexible Food Packaging goes Green

Flexible packaging is inherently green. When compared to other media, flexible packaging consumes only a small fraction of the space used by alternative materials. Now, True Green has partnered with leader polymer scientists to gradually introduce more and more earth friendly materials. We can now provide a variety of high performance films which are also recycleable or biodegradable.


TrueGreen is committed to developing packaging that is as healthy for the earth as the contents are nourishing for people.

Boutique Provider of Green Solutions

True Green Packaging (TGP) was started to fill the need of mid-market manufacturers and copackers who were largely ignored by major suppliers. TGP focuses on being a boutique provider of films and allied materials by providing outstanding service and flexibility for shorter runs, as well as special film enhancements that are too specific for other companies to entertain.