Processing Solutions

ANZU’s partnerships with the world’s most innovative equipment manufacturers allow it to provide a range of cutting-edge technologies to its customers that result in increased efficiency, higher profit margins, and greater return on investment. ANZU’s engineering expertise leads to an uncomplicated set up for you. Each customer gets customized solutions and engineering support that meets their specific manufacturing needs.


You can expect the following from ANZU:

•        Feasibility study

•        Efficient design of complete food line

•        Cost-effective

•        Time-saving solutions

•        Maximized capacity

Processing Machinery 

ANZU technology provides efficient and effective solutions for processing and preserving just about anything. From fresh produce to dried fruit, or juice to salsa, ANZU has the solution.

We incorporate the most advanced technologies to ensure that our customers are able to make their projects high quality and competitive in the marketplace.

Engineered solutions for your unique situation:

•        Cook

•        Pressure steamer and peeler

•        Pasteurize

•        Cool

•        Retort

•        Aseptic

•        Juice Extraction

•        Vertical cooling systems