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ANZU Technology provides efficient and effective solutions for packaging a wide array of products. Anzu’s solutions incorporate the most advanced technologies and cutting-edge innovations. New products and technology are constantly coming to market, and ANZU is leading the way with application of engineering breakthroughs and entry into high growth markets. ANZU takes a consultative approach to serving its customers. Whatever your experience is in packaging, we will collaborate with you to ensure you have the best solution for your project, staying focused on maximizing quality and profitability.

ANZU Packaging Solutions

We have many years of packaging experience including machine optimization, quality film supplies, pre-made pouches, closures and customer service. Anzu Technology is in partnership with reputable converters for production of high quality and good value film structures.

  • Dairy – Bottle caps
  • Bottle sleeve labels
  • Gable top carton filler
  • Clear heat  shrink film
  • Heavy duty shrink film
  • Beverages – Standup pouches, pre-made stand up  pouch fillers
  • Produce – Stand up pouches for whole vegetables, grapes etc. and purees, pestos, and sauces
  • Diced fruit cups – cup filling lines/ cups and lidding material (peelable retort etc)
  • Food – trays/peelable lids, stand up pouches etc.
  • Foodservice – hot fill pouch filler and bags for sauces
  • Meat and Cheese  – shrink barrier bags for chicken, duck, turkey, thermoformed film and top web for wieners.

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ANZU takes a consultative approach to serving its customers. Whatever your experience is in flexible packaging and processing, we will collaborate with you to ensure you have the best manufacturing line for your project. By understanding your needs, we will design optimal solutions that are focused on maximizing quality and profitability. We can match west coast copackers and manufacturers with rapid and affordable flexible packaging and processing solutions. With over forty years of experience, ANZU assists clients with combining a main packaging machine process (such as a pouch with a baby-safe spout) with an end of line process from cartons, boxes, etc. to palletizing in the most cost-effective, efficient manner as possible.  In addition to machinery, the ANZU packaging system includes cohesive integration of support and engineering.  


Contact ANZU today to learn about how to package, process, and best reach your targeted audience. Here are some of the products ANZU can help you get to market:
•  Baby foods including solids, purees, and beverages
•  Tomato products: ketchup, pastes, sun-dried
•  Baby leaf, spinach, and other fresh cut or processed produce
•  Sauces and condiments such as mustard, soy, and apple sauce
•  High-end condiments including jams, icings, dressings
•  Milk, juice, energy drinks, and other liquid foods and beverages
•  Sweeteners, seasonings, powders, soups, tea and coffee products,
cocoa drink mixes, flavored oatmeal
•  Body care products like creams, shampoos, and lotions
•  Powdered and granulated pharmaceuticals
•  Nonconsumable desiccants, oxygen absorbers, and other compounds

Packaging Machinery

ANZU represents high-quality packaging machinery manufacturersneminc-machinery Contact ANZU today to learn about the latest advances in flexible packaging machinery.
Here are some of the types of machinery that ANZU can 
engineer for your manufacturing floor.

Advanced Vertical Stick Packaging Systems
Applications: Liquid & powder/granules such as yogurt, jellies, sugar, coffee, many pharmaceutical and chemical applications, etc. ANZU brings to North America the latest in stick packaging machines, a hot growth area for food and pharmaceutical pack-aging worldwide. All ANZU-supported machines offer ultrafast speeds with precision seals.
Flexible Liquid Pouch Vertical Form/Fill/Seal Machines
Applications: High-end condiments, jams, icings, sauces, dressings, creams, pastes, shampoos, apple sauce, etc. The highly-sought DANGAN product line produces the consistent, high-speed quality liquid pouch packages that today’s marketplace demands. fen-pouchcon


Hot Fill Form/Fill/Seal and Auto Double-Sided Thermo-forming/Fill Technology
Applications: Pasteurized liquid products Milk and juice pouches are a hot trend in the packaging industry, and ANZU is proud to bring this innovative technology to its customers.
Three & Four side-seal Pouch and Sachet Packaging Machines
Applications: sweeteners, seasonings, powders, soups, tea & coffee products, cocoa drink mixes, flavored oatmeal, powdered/granulated pharmaceuticals, desiccants, oxygen absorbers, etc.ANZU systems provide solutions for many categories including candy, confection, snack foods and portion packs as well as many ara-smallrunpharmaceutical and chemical applications.


Pre– and Post–Fill Bandoleer and Packaging Peripherals
Applications: Liquid, powder, paste, desiccant and oxygen absorber sachets/pouches MITSUHASHI state-of-the-art peripheral machines allow packagers to take their product from bandoleer strips or individually and directly insert the products into larger pouches, boxes, or other products with one fully integrated system.

Optical Sorting and Detection Equipment
Applications: Baby leaf, spinach, fresh cut, and produce; ANZU’s partners provide the latest in color sorting technology.

Types of Pouches

Sachet: A small single-use pouch opened by making a small tear in part of the pouch, and then squeezing out the contents. Often used for single-use quantities of soy sauce, hot sauce; condiments such as ketchup and relish; and products like shampoo and detergent.sachet-pouch-sample Stick pack: A flexible pouch that is long and thin just like a stick of gum. The packs are small, are produced on dedicated machines so production rates are high, and the per-item costs are low. Stick packs are very economical.sticks_varis Stand up pouches with front cap or valve:2083.012.1-Hellmans-TAP-frontal Spouted stand up bags are an smart choice for packaging liquids of all kinds. After pouring, the caps can be tightened to keep the product safe. For liquid detergent, stand up pouches can be fitted with pour spouts and easy screw-on caps.
Flat pouchesWrigleys blue  Shaped seal 05_sobre_en_forma_m_ Twin pouches with perforations03-sobre-en-forma
Shaped pouches Wine-Package-anzu Gusseted pouches gusseted-valve  Twin pouchestwin-pouches

Our dedicated team will help you create the best pouch and processing line for your needs. Call ANZU today (831-883-4400).